Intelli-Shred Wire-Less

Quick and Easy Installation

PINNACLE ENGINEERING'S INTELLI-SHRED WIRE-LESS™ technology is a system that was developed by Pinnacle's R&D department to provide substantial installation cost savings along with greater flexibility for process changes or expansions. Pinnacle Engineering's Wire-Less ™ is a proven wireless platform that was developed to be the most rugged, flexible and cost effective automation system available.

Pinnacle Engineering's Wire-less™ features a wireless network using a frequency hopping spread spectrum methodology in 900MHz frequency band which "hops" in a random sequence from frequency to frequency. This technique not only prevents interference from competing wireless signals but enhances security along with the built-in redundancy checking, ensuring every signal given was received.

Wireless Push Button Station

Examples of uses

  • Local push button stations
  • Trying external equipment into main shredder system i.e. eddy current systems or metal separator.
  • Push button located in crane with control of in-feed convey or functions.
  • Reduce wiring located in hazardous locations such as the mill area.

Wireless push button station


Key Benefits

  • Access to hard-to-reach locations
  • Accommodates digital and analog I/O signals
  • Rugged, Reliable and Secure
  • Easy Installation, or location modification
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • Lower installation cost, typically 1/3 the cost of conventional systems.