Intelli-Shred Water Injection

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent water control
  • Automatic and Manual modes of operation.
  • Dedicated centrifugal pumps for Feed Roll Spray, Rotor and Fire Water.
  • Flow Meters for Incoming, Feed Roll Spray and Rotor Water
  • 1100 Litre Water Trank with automatic level controls.
  • Winter Mode provides for automatic drain-back to skid or air purge.

Water Injection

Pinnacle's Intelligent Water System is designed to reduce visible emissions from your scrap metal shredder. It easily pipes to your existing spray bars to provide Rotor Spray, Feed Roll Spray and Rotor Flood water. The water system is designed to be compact, rugged and provides seamless integration into Pinnacle Engineering's control systems. The complete system, including the tank, has a footprint of only 92 mm x 153 mm. Built with high quality, industry standard components, each unit is assembled and pressure tested prior to leaving our shop.

All functions are conveniently controlled from the operator chair via the graphic interface screen. The water system can be integrated into any control system as well as stand alone.

Water Injection