Recycling Industry

Pinnacle's Metal Recycling Division provides electrical and control system engineering for metal shredding and sorting operations. Pinnacle Engineering is an industry leader with over 150 1500hp to 10,000hp installations around the world. We provide complete ferrous and non ferrous control systems, shredder system upgrades, control houses, control chairs and our exclusive line of Intelli-Shred™ products.

  • Process Design
  • Electrical system design and installation
  • PLC programming and HMI design
  • Industrial control panel design and fabrication
  • Intelli-Shred Water Injection™
  • Intelli-Shred Co-Pilot™
  • Intelli-Shred Data Acquisition™
  • Intelli-Shred Power Management™
  • Intelli-Shred Wire-Less™

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