Intelli-Shred Control Systems

Key System Components

  • Electrical Design
    Pinnacle provides detailed electrical drawing packages with all of our systems, which will save you time and money during the installation process.
  • Electrical Control Panels
    Standards in the industry, and conforming to Ul, CUL, CSA and CE with components from the world's leading manufacturers, including Allen Bradley, Square-D and Siemens.
  • PLC Programming
    Pinnacle has experience with a wise variety of PLCs and programming styles. Pinnacle's control systems are engineered to be the most functionable, reliable and expandable in the industry.
  • Graphical Interface
    Pinnacle's graphical operator touchscreens allow the operator to have complete plant control with easy to use screens.
  • Startup Services
    Pinnacle is proud of our reputation for having some of the smoothest and most timely commissioning in the industry. Due in part to our attention to detail of all aspects of shredder control systems.
  • Project Documentation
    An operator manual and all project documentation is supplied to the customer with each of our installations.
  • Support
    Pinnacle control systems are built to the highest quality. We are committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction. The engineering team that designed, built and commissioned your system is just a phone call away and has the ability to remotely connect to your system via the internet using a secure VPN connection.

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