Intelli-Shred Power Management

Take Control Of Your Power!

Electricity is typically a major operating expense for metal processing facilities. Pinnacle Engineering's power management system is a three step approach to controlling your energy costs. Power Monitoring, Power Reporting and Demand Limiting technologies allow maximizing shredder throughput while conserving energy peaks and demand charges.


  • Power Monitoring
    Collect real time power consumption information into Pinnacle Intelli-Shred Control system or existing third party control system.
  • Power Reporting
    Using the power consumption information collected by Pinnacle's Intelli-Shred Data Acquisition system, a detailed energy report of the power consumption of the system is generated.
  • Demand Limiting
    Control the feeding of the shredder based on the current power consumption of the plant utilizing Pinnacle's Intelli-Shred Co-Pilot module.
Power Management