Intelli-Shred Data Acquisition

The Most Powerful Data Collection On The Market

PINNACLE ENGINEERING'S INTELLI-DATA ACQUISTION™ is a proven collection system that acquires and present site information for plant operations. Intell-Shred Data Acquisition is installed on a Windows Server platform and designed a round "off-the-shelf" Wonderware applications to ensure future support and software integrity including: Wonderware Information Server, Historian, and Active Factory software packages.
Stored in a standard SQL database structure, site information can be retrieved and reviewed at a future time or used in available trend and query functions as needed.

A daily report is generated and printed detailing information pertinent to the shredder operation. Custom reports can be created based on client needs. These reports are also stored on the server with web access available through the Active Factory web interface.

A new screen is added to the shredder control system to allow operators to document when a downtime condition occurs. This screen will depict the plant layout and allow for quick icon selection of where the downtime occurred and which of the common causes created the event.

Data Acquisition

Key Benefits

  • Data Acquisition
  • Down Time Reporting
  • System Reporting
  • Sequel Server Database
  • Customizable Reports using Excel
  • Installed on Windows Server