Shredder Feed Optimization


Pinnacle Eng. can design, plan and engineer a custom metal shredding and sorting operation utilizing a proven shredder feed roll control software system designed to automatically adjust the speed and position (raise and lower) of the feed rolls based upon the loaded condition of the shredder. All of this is done with little to no interaction from the operator, providing many benefits to the operator and your operation.

Key Benefits

  • Increase shredder efficiency, lower cost per ton.
  • Produce better shred by keeping the shredder box full.
  • Increase shredder throughput.
  • Lower operator fatigue and reduces risk of complications due to work stress on the wrist.
  • Reduce the risk of overfeeding the shredder, reducing the chance of plugging or damaging the mill.
  • Allow the operator to focus more on other tasks.
  • Reduce the learning curve when training new operators.
  • When coupled with Pinnacle's Power Management System, Co-Pilot™ can reduce electric bills by utilizing Demand Limiting Technology.
  • Pinnacle Engineering's Co-Pilot™ is easily added to any shredder system through Pinnacle Engineering's design and engineering expertise.